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As in 1914 1785 postcards were carried by the principal aircraft. They were sold for $35 (cards with $2.60 and 70c stamps) and $30 (cards with only 70c stamps). This included registered mail in a protective a5 folder with details of the flight. This included registered post within Australia. Over 300 are still available, but they will not be significantly reduced in sale price.

However as there are relatively few 'one stamp' cards the price of the 'two stamp' cards is reduced to $30 including registered post.. There will be no further reduction even if this means that cards remain unsold. The people who bought cards at the original price were an indispensable factor in the operation of the flight and we will keep faith with them.

The cards were based on the original cards as carried by Guillaux. They were quickly designed and printed, and the aircraft shown is actually a BE 2a as used at Point Cook.