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Sheets of stamps.

 Each sheet has 100 stamps and they are being sold at face value. They will be posted with one fold on the sheet.

The 70c Guillaux stamps were designed with reference to artwork held in the National Philatelic Collection, namely sketches by Kevin McKay, who designed the 1964 stamps. He in turn was influenced for the 70c stamp by a section of a photograph by Harold Casneaux, part of the NSW Art Gallery collection.

  Sheet of 100 70c Guillaux stamps - $35.00.





Also available: Sheet of 100 $2.60 Guillaux stamps $130. This stamp was also based on sketches by Kevin McKay.

The majority of the original postcards carried a 1914 King George V 1d stamp. A centenary edition of these stamps was issued in 2014 in 70c denomination and sheets of 100 are available at $35 each.


Stamps may also be purchased in smaller quantities. See this page.