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Commemorative stamps: Small quantities

The main commemorative stamps were issued on July 1 2014 by Australia Post as outlined on this page.

Card with three stamps: Guillaux 70c, Guillaux $2.60 and King George V centenary 70c.

The Guillaux stamps were issued on 1 July 2014 and the King George stamps were issued on 17 June 2014. The King George stamps are relevant because the original one penny stamp was generally used on Guillaux's original postcards. A quantity of these stamps were carried on the re-enactment flight and are available mounted as shown. $6.00

1964 5 penny stamp

  Original 5 penny stamp on card, imprint certifying that the stamp was carried on the re-enactment flight, in envelope with 2014 logo, $2.






2014 John Leah personalised stamp

John Leah, publisher of Australian Stamps Professional, was a great supporter of the project, which he made the main feature of his magazine, Volume 8 no 2, May 2014. His own 'take' on Guillaux's visit to Australia is a valuable addition to the historical record.

He sent his magazine out with personalised stamps, and limited numbers of these stamps are available. They are for sale at $4 each, and this includes a copy of the magazine.




Blocks of stamps.

These are intended for sale to collectors, and are from the stock of stamps that was carried on the re-enactment flight. The stamps can be marked with an imprint of the re-enactment flight or supplied with a statement to that effect on a separate sheet. For large blocks we will do our best to to provide edges, registrations and gutters, but no guarantees,

Blocks of 70 c Guillaux stamps. Minimum purchase 4 stamps, cost $1 per stamp.

Blocks of $2.30 Guillaux stamps. Minimum purchase 2 stamps, cost $2.50 per stamp.



 Blocks of 70c King George V centenary stamps. The original one penny stamp was the most commonly used for the 1914 airmail flight. Minimum purchase 4 stamps, cost $1 per stamp





Special release: Blocks of 1964 stamps as carried on the 2014 flight.

Blocks of 4 stamps, usually with edges, in commemorative folder; Only 4 avaialable, $10 each