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The special postcards: Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1785

We want these to appeal to people with interest in aero philately and also aviation history. Therefore they include a range of material related to the 2014 re-enactment flight. It was a low-profile, low-budget event which however captured the attention of a wide range of people, with the enthusiastic participation of the philatelic community, light and historic aviation enthusiasts, the French community in Australia and the en-route stopping places of the re-enactment flight.

Contents of these special packages:

The postcards.

They have been signed by Owen Zupp, airline pilot and noted aviation journalist. He was the pilot of the Jabiru aircraft that was the principal mail-carrier. See his website.  No other postcards have this signature.


The principal books in the package are

100 years of Australian Air Mails. Record of the re-enactment flight. Specially printed copy - title page records this.

Maurice Guillaux in Australia, April 2014 version, carried on re-enactment flight

Maurice Guillaux, Pionnier français de l'aviation australienne, translation of the English publication by M Eric Berti, Consul-General of France in Australia, June 2014, carried on re-enactment flight

Australia's First Seaplane. The story of Lebbeus Hordern's Farman seaplane, assembled by Maurice Guillaux and team, and flown on 8 May 1914. Carried on re-enactment flight

Airmail Centenary Re-enactment Flight, 12-14 July 2014: Participant Handbook, by Tony Coleiro, Pilot's guide for participants. Carried on re-enactment flight and given to participating pilots.

Other items

Commemorative envelope, designed by noted Australian aviation artist Juanita Franzi, carried on the re-enactment flight.



French-Australian pin, carried on the re-enactment flight



Special note re card 1785: In 1914 2500 cards were printed but only 1785 were actually carried on the flight. The same number of cards was carried on the re-enactment flight. Included in this were three cards with numbers greater than 1785, which were specially ordered by people who had corresponding cards from the 1914 flight. 

 Pack with card 1785: $100      Pack with card 4: $140      Pack with card 3:$160   Pack with card 2: $200-Pack with card 1: $400.

Items are protected by Vario philatelic collection sheets and held in a transparent a4 pouch. Posted to you by registered mail with full protective packaging. Email or phone 0403 615 134 as soon as possible to buy: first person to make contact will have one week to finalise payment.